Infant Swimming Classes

Swimming Away to Happiness

We finished just 2 months of swimming programme for our 2 year 5-month-old daughter and we can think of only one word to describe our experience…. “Awesome.”

I was very impressed with the programme which not only makes children enjoy the experience but makes them a lot more bold, confident and fit. I have personally seen a big change in my daughter after 2 months of this course. The trainers were good not only with swimming techniques, but were well-versed with child psychology to quickly break ice with little ones. Swimming was taught in a playful atmosphere which the children enjoyed.

The pool at CITINEST, Indiranagar where we had been was well maintained all throughout the course.

To be honest, 16 week-end classes are too less for any infant to learn swimming from scratch. But I am sure that with 2-3 batches, they can pick up basic swimming lessons. I wish swim life a great journey ahead…and yes, we’ll be back again for the big splash.

Arindam Chakraborty, CV Raman Nagar, Bangalore